About Me

My Story

Beloved of the Father in Christ Jesus; happy and virtuous wife of a faithful man; and blessed mother of two beautiful girls.
I am a marriage counsellor and coach; a writer and author; the host of the Flawless Marriage Conference; lead instructor at the Marriage Prep School Premarital Counselling Program and the founder of Marriage Dipped in Blood, a ministry focused on love, marriage, and family relationships from a covenant perspective.

My life’s purpose is to restore broken families and help everyone I can to understand that it is possible to enjoy a lifelong happy and fruitful marriage in the bond of covenant.

I am confident that every troubled marriage can be restored with fresh passion, and every thriving marriage can be better, if we remain conscious of marriage as a blood covenant, and allow God’s Word – the Bible – to be our manual of operation.

My husband Orgem and I are often called the Apostles of Love by all who know us, and currently live in Switzerland with our daughters, Ken-Ana and Verse.