Doofan Hiikyaa

Doofan, fondly called the Apostle of Love is a Christian, Bible-based Marriage Counselor with over 5 years of experience in Premarital and Marriage Counseling. She is the author of the widely read book titled Marriage Dipped in Blood: How to enjoy a lifelong happy and fulfilling marriage in the bond of covenant. She is the founder of Marriage Dipped in Blood Facebook Community and Marriage Prep School with Doofan and the Host of the Flawless Marriage Conference. She helps her clients and online community to ask the right questions, and view their relationships from a fresh perspective as she uses the infallible Word of God- The Bible (which she calls the best marriage manual) to tackle the most disturbing issues in people's lives and marriages. She firmly believes that no matter how good your marriage is, it can get even better. And no matter how troubled you think your marriage is, there is hope for you. Because everyone can enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilling marriage in the bond of covenant if they do things Love's (God's) Way. Doofan is happily married to her best friend Orgem and they are blessed with two pretty girls, Ken-Ana and Verse.