Doofan Hiikyaa

  1. I was brushing my teeth as my prep for bedtime routine and noticed Hiikyaa Orgem and I use 5 different tubes of tooth paste simultaneously… wait first before you call us wasteful. Two of mine are travel size specially prescribed by the dentist, no thanks to the dental drama I’ve had over the years, but we have overcome! The third one is the bigger size of one of prescribed ones. On the other hand, my darling husband seems to be using two different flavours of the same regular brand toothpaste. I don’t understand why though but he seems to like it that way.So, in the process of brushing, I see all my toothpastes nicely pressed from the bottom up (unconsciously by the way because I don’t really care where it’s pressed from as long as I get some out to do the needful). But my husband man has both toothpaste tubes squashed up as though there was a fight.I began to wonder where that story of a husband and wife fighting over where the toothpaste was pressed came from. Is that worth fighting about?

    Sit back and think a little bit, is the subject of your fight really worth it? Or at least in the next few months or years, will it still be worth it?

    My sister likes to tell me to choose my fight.

    I encourage you to choose your fight; knowing particularly that in marriage, the fight is not against your spouse but the enemy – Satan. He will help you find the smallest fault if you look for it. Thereby, distracting you from the truth that you and your spouse are on the same team that opposes his kingdom. He is threatened by your marriage!

    Don’t give him a chance! Who brings in more money, who does more work, who is right or wrong is not the real problem? The issue is that you must always stick together and make things happen as a team. Take ownership of your relationship. Act as if, the failure or success of your relationship depends on how badly or how well you play your role.