Doofan Hiikyaa

  1. I have heard people make the most ridiculous statements concerning love, relationships, and marriage. I call such people relationship police. Let’s look at some of these statements as we discover more about Love and different expressions of Love.

    1. “She loves him more than he loves her.”

    2. “Looks like he’s under her spell, he will give his right arm for her if he has too.”

    3. “Woman wrapper best describes him.”

    4. “You’re too expressive, it’s not good to let a man know you love him so much.”

    5. “Let him beg a little longer, don’t make him see you as cheap because you forgive too quickly.”

    6. “Just start crying and let him ask what’s wrong, don’t be so straightforward.”

    7. “Pretend you are not so rich so you can find someone who loves you not just for your money.”

    These and more have been said by most people in a bid to help a loved one make “good” relationships decisions. But I hear undertones of fear and insecurity in these statements!

    Let me emphasize on the first one.

    “She loves him more than he loves her.”
    What does that even mean?! Or she shows it too much. Hello, stop planting evil seed in the minds of people.

    Love is not love without a form of expression.

    What is wrong with a woman being more expressive than her man? She made a commitment to love and cherish until death parts them!

    To bystanders and busybodies, how about you just mind your business!

    Besides, when you get married, stop comparing forms of expression of love! Remember, comparison is a thief of joy.

    The way we perceive love is different, it varies from person to person and especially men and women.

    God made us beautifully distinct so don’t expect to give or receive love in the exact same way as your spouse.
    When you discover that you are not being loved like you would want to be loved, SAY IT and help your spouse know it.

    Discover your primary love languages at the

    Scriptures encourage us to consider how we may SPUR  one another on  toward love and good deeds( Hebrews 10:24), not to measure the levels and styles of expression.

    Never step on the brakes when it comes to loving, let it show! There is no shame in love.

    Jesus hung up on a cross on a mountain top completely naked and unashamed for his beloved bride! What a beautiful example.

    So what’s difficult about holding her hand as you cross the road or holding the door open for her? What’s so stressful in picking up after him or folding the laundry? What’s difficult in praising him/her in public?

    These may not be what you are naturally accustomed to but you can learn to do these things as expressions of love to your spouse if that’s what they understand love to be.

    Remember it’s the little things that count.

    Love, love and more love is what you should be giving without the fear of not receiving in equal measure. Love births love. The more love is expressed the more love grows and produces a ripple effect.

    As for the other ridiculous statements, forget about them! They are all rooted in fear, and we know that perfect love casts out all fear.

    Trust God and love completely!!!