11th February 2020


For many centuries, volumes have been written about Love, yet so many people don’t get it!

Love is the most important “concept” in life, but still so confusing and misinterpreted.

I believe this is so because they have not really had a living experience with the person of Love.

The spiritual, emotional, and physical climates of our homes, churches and communities would greatly improve if we let the person of Love take the lead in our everyday lives.

Love is one and the same everywhere and, in every tribe, and tongue. But because of our various backgrounds, customs, traditions, and unique personalities we tend to interpret, express/experience Love differently.

For example, a mom gives her son everything he wants-from junk food to letting him play wherever and however he wants because she loves him and doesn’t want to offend him. While another parent withholds some things from her child saying, “I love you and want the best for you so I’m protecting you from being harmed.”

These two children would grow up as adults with different notions of Love.

And that’s why people usually understand and speak different Love languages. For example, giving me gifts means more to me than it does to Orgem because I’m used to receiving gifts. But for some reason it speaks better to him when I do things with him and give him my undivided attention.

So to communicate Love effectively towards your spouse; rather than insist on expressing love from your own perspective, how about you begin to learn to love them in the way they understand and prefer to be loved?

Just like the source of Love Himself did and keeps doing for us! God expressed His love for us by giving us what He knew we needed most – Jesus!

Don’t buy gifts continuously when all she wants is your undivided attention.  Make the effort to learn, understand and speak her primary love language.

Love considers the best interest of the other.

Have a listening session and let one spouse talk while the other simply listens and learns. When you’re clear on what your wife wants then you can have another listening session and this time the wife keeps quiet and listens so her husband can also express himself.

Listening is one useful skill we must all learn (and continue to learn) if we want a successful relationship of any sort!

Scriptures encourage us to be quick to listen and slow to speak (James 1:19)

The Amplified translation says to be a careful, thoughtful listener!

Don’t listen to respond (or prepare for defence), just listen to see from your partner’s point of view. Trust me, the results will be totally worth the effort.

A happy spouse and a healthy marriage! What more could one ask for?!

Today is another opportunity to let your spouse know you have been listening to him/her.

Why not put your best foot forward; find out how your husband / wife wants to be loved.