16th February 2020

We just had an unforgettably rewarding weekend with a precious couple (who have officially adopted us as their children)! They have been married 37years and in our lives for 6 years, we are thankful to have them as role models.

I always say that relationships are more important than money and the older I get, the clearer I see it.

We had good food, fellowship, conversations that money could never buy and above all moments to be cherished for the rest of our lives.

Marriage is a gift, your husband/wife is God’s priceless gift to nurture, love and grow with. This journey is a beautiful process and requires the support of good people. I encourage couples to have other couple friends in their lives and especially older ones as mentors, a support system, and a beautiful picture to emulate in their journey to becoming all that God would have them be.

Through out this weekend, I saw pure love demonstrated in service to each other. In the way the “oldies” stole glances at each other, touched slightly at intervals, insisted on doing the dishes for us after every meal. They also found humour in the smallest things and oh did we laugh a lot!

I am super grateful for the amazing gift of friends!