17th February 2020

No matter how big the fire is, in time it goes out; all fires eventually burn out if not tended to.

 The scriptures say, many waters cannot quench the fire of God’s love ignited  in your heart towards your spouse, but I don’t believe it’s automatic. (Song of Solomon 8:7)

You need to tend it, stoke the fire through your actions of love.

Love not expressed is not love.

For God so loved that he gave…(John 3:16)

He is our ultimate example!

So make a commitment everyday to give; give help, give kind words, give encouragement, hope, give room for each other’s faults, give forgiveness, give peace, give time, give money and material things and so on.

Love never stops giving.

Your marriage will experience a hundred percent success if you can only do things God’s way.

Be intentional and keep stoking the fire of Love in your relationship so that the circumstances of life don’t put out the flames!