Doofan Hiikyaa

  1. When a woman says “nothing”, in response to the question “what is wrong?”, just know there is definitely something wrong!”Have you heard this before?
    I find it disturbing that a lot of men say this even about their wives. And wives if this is true of you then, there’s work to do.

    Interestingly it happens both ways so brace up, if this illustration applies to you.

    The Bible gives us a profound instruction in Matthew 5:37 NLT
    “Just say a simple, ‘Yes, I will,’ or ‘No, I won’t.’ Anything beyond this is from the evil one.”

    In the previous verses of Matthew 5, Jesus was talking about making vows and keeping them. He said rather than swearing on your life or someone else’s and looking for convincing ways to assure the person.
    Just simply say “Yes I will” or “no I won’t””

    This also applies to communication in marriage.
    Sadly, a lot of people stop using their words effectively when they get married. Others feel “I’ve said the same thing over and again with no visible positive change, so there’s no point!”

    Maybe your approach or manner of saying what you say is the issue.
    “HOW you say something is more important than WHAT you say.”

    Rather than make assumptions that your spouse understands you, and expect him/her to read your mind, you need to honestly communicate with them by saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

    Deep trust and true intimacy can only be built on the grounds of open and honest communication.

    So wives, we have been accused of saying “nothing” when there’s ”.something”. If this is so, what are we going to do about it?

    I suggest we “spill it all out” in kindness and sincerity. USE YOUR WORDS! Apparently the husband man has not understood your body language so far.
    If you’re unhappy, tired, need help, need to be held, offended or whatever it is, just open your mouth and SAY IT instead of putting on that frown and sulking all day long.

    If your husband doesn’t respond, he may not be insensitive, he just doesn’t understand and can’t read your mind.

    And husbands, this is no excuse for insensitivity. If you know or at least have a feeling that something is wrong then gently and PATIENTLY troubleshoot to help her bring it out so you can fix the problem together.

    When we make communication a priority, every other aspect of our marriage will begin to improve!

    “Let your nothing be nothing and your something be something” Doofan chapter 5:37.